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Forbes & District Historic Machinery Association Inc

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Current Members List
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Sarah Sweeney,Robert Griggs, David Buckley,Robert Sweeney,Dennis Butler,Graham Pout,Christopher Butler,Georgie Pout,(SECRETARY) ,Charmaine Pout,Geoffrey Charlton,Aaron McKeon,Lindy Charlton,Tiffany McKeon,Darryl Charlton,Stan Wallace,Michelle Coady,John Fisher,Ken Howarth (PRESIDENT),Christopher Coady,Dianne Howarth(Treasurer),,Barry Jelbert,Thomas Doust,John Johnson ,Michael Fisher,Frank Thompson,Elvis Fisher,Norman Haley,Allan Hicking,Ian Harris,Joe Noble,Neil Hawke,Howard Hawke,Clement Hodges,Rod Howarth,John Johnson,Robert Johnson,Kim Kirkman,Darrin Kopp,Judith Kopp,Alister Lockhart ,Neil Mattiske,James Mattiske,Vivian Meers,Murray Mitton,Robert Moore,Anne Moore,Heath Noble,Edgar Orr,Colin Orr,,Laurence Pietsch,Robert Pietsch,Trevor Smtih,Anthony Smith,Russell Spencer,Lyall Strudwick,Eric Teague,Frank Thompson,Kellie Wallace,Reilly Wallace,Wayne Wallace,Jamie Walsh,Geoffery White,Andrew Little(VICE PRESIDENT),Russell Little

Welcome New Members!

A warm welcome is extended to all new members hope you enjoy the activities of the Association.